Social Powered WiFi Social Login WiFi Hotspot

Why Is Free WiFi very Important?

Around 85% of costumers expecting a Free WiFi connection!

Cafe,Restaurant Costumers 75%
Hotel and Motel Costumers 95%
Shopping Mall Consumers 80%
  • Would you like to know your costumers?
  • Would you like to retun your costumers?
  • Do you like promote your Business-Brand for free? Get more likes on social media?
  • You are at right place!
  • We can do all and more with Lowest prices on the Market!!!

Consumers Want it - Everyone Uses Wifi! Social Powered WiFi is the easiest and safest way to share your Wi-Fi network with customers.

Social Powered Wi-Fi allows your customers to connect with their favorite social media site in exchange for free Internet access, offers, promotions, coupons and more!

What Can This Do For Me?

Our Social Powered WiFi helps you quickly and efficiently grow your e-mail lists, Facebook fans, instantly increase customer loyalty and capture social data for intelligent ad re-targeting, contest and more…

How to Connect our WiFi?

4 Steps easy guide:

Step1: Choose Wifi
Step2: You will get Sign in notification! If not just open chrome and type address:
Step3: You can login with your social accounts. Facebook or Google
Step:4 Don't forget to Like us on facebook. Then click "Continue" and that's all!

About Sign in:

Some devices just doesn’t support public Wifi Sign in or doesn’t detect(in Step2). In this case  open your internet browser(chrome,opera….) and type address Social WiFi

Top 4 Reason Why you Should Have it?

1-Easy Login Guest Wifi:

Social Media Login

  • Social login allowing customers, connect to guest wifi quickly and easily.
  • No more wasting time providing complicated passwords.
  • After login lead them to your page for more likes and traction!
  • Session time and bandwidth management

3- Promote your Business:

Communicate with your costumers:

  • Get Facebook likes and Followers.
  • Build brand awareness
  • Show Ads, Promote your website.
  • With Included Contact Forms:
    Ask reviewers to leave the feedback on the online review sites that are most important to you. Get better ranks and feedback. On TripAdvisor, Google, Facebook…
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Don’t direct the unhappy guests to the review sites, but instead gather more information about their experience so you know how you can improve and make things right.

2- Collect Information:

Know who your costumers are:

  • Collect names, email addresses, birthdays and more from their profile
  • Get detailed Database of profiles,Profile photos, demographics login and visit numbers history with time logs…
  • Analytics,Getting to know who your customers are and how to best approach them is vital to any line of business.
  • User Data Export,View and download the details about your users, including their email address, number of visits, name and demographics.

4- Marketing:

Special Landing Page and Ads:

  • Make more Sales with targeted promotions
  • Email and social Marketing, Contact forms,
  • Make sure your customers don’t miss out on any of your offers.
  • With new information now in your hands, invite them back with coupons and promotions, loyalty programs catered to your customers with our re-marketing services.
  • Get better Reviwes and costumer feedback. Improve your service.
  • Get higher ranks in review sites. Get more cotumers.

Who Is This Solution For?

Trusted by small businesses and large enterprises. Low Cost! No hidden charges. No setup plug and play. Free setup at location. Proven solution used by satisfied customers from Europe, USA and Asia as well.

Cafe & Restaurants

Everyone loves free WiFi when they are in a restaurant. Find out who comes to your restaurant and how to attract them back.


Promote other services offered by your hotel via wifi while gathering more fans for your social media pages!

City WiFi and Serice providers

Offering WiFi in any city facilities is a great opportunity to gather more social media and brand exposure for your company!


Offer free WiFi to customers at their shops and collect customer demographic. Invite them back with coupons and promotions through WiFi access or email.

Shopping Malls

Promote shops and seasonal events via WiFi and increase business for tenants and traffic. Find out where people gather through our WiFi database feature.


Free WiFi during transportation is great. Find out where they may be headed to and offer promotions accordingly!


BECOME OUR PARTNER Interested in becoming our reselling partner? We give you everything you need to bring social WiFi to your market!

And Many More..

Our Prices

Annual Plan
Free Setup On Location
Hidden Costs, Limits
Free Landing Page
Contact Forms
Local Support
Hotfix Social Wifi 149/First Year Purchase Now!
Annual Plan
Free Setup On Location
Yes for Free!
Yes for Free!
Hidden Costs, Limits
No All Free/Fair usage
Free Landing Page
Yes for Free!
Contact Forms
Yes For Free!
Local Support
Others... 50/Month X
Annual Plan
Free Setup On Location
300€+ First Setup, Not on Location!
Cisco Routers 200€+
Hidden Costs, Limits
Yes, Social Login, Login limits, etc.. are paid extras!
Free Landing Page
No or extra payment.
Contact Forms
No or extra payment.
Local Support